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Chris Gayle

The Chris Gayle Foundation

The Chris Gayle Foundation is the charity of international cricketer, Chris Gayle. Inspired by Chris’ unique playing style and values, the charitable cause is underpinned by the principle of the ‘Big 6’ – making good choices, understanding consequences of actions, setting achievable goals, working hard, looking after health and respecting others. The principles of the ‘Big 6’ are applied to outreach work with young people, namely in areas of deprivation and disadvantage.


1. Respecting others
2. Setting goals
3. Making good choices
4. Working hard
5. Looking after your health
6. Understanding the consequences of your actions

The primary function of the Chris Gayle Foundation is to continue its academy. The Chris Gayle Academy works with 20 young people, aged 16-22 who fulfil criteria based social, educational (behavioral) or economic circumstances. The academy cohort undertakes a year long programme of personal development and employability training inspired by physical activity and belonging within a cricket team.

At the outset, each academy member works with a lead coach and mentor to plot out a personal development plan – covering fitness, employability and communication skills, CV building and healthy living. The development plan acts as a personalised guide towards the end goal of a ‘positive outcome’ upon departing the academy programme. To aid this, routes of progression and placements have been set up with a range of partners within the sports industry.

The year long academy programme entails winter physical activity/cricket training, employability workshops, mentoring on a monthly basis, work experience and up to 8 cricket matches. Alongside the practical elements of the programme, each academy member will be deployed into their local community as a volunteer to assist at community events, outreach/ mentoring sessions and deliver talks and coaching provision at schools.